Saturday, September 4, 2010

iMac's Brain Surgery

Ten days ago the hard drive went out on my iMac. Dan was clever enough to get me up and running (sort of), but I couldn't save any new or edited files and couldn't let the computer go to sleep. Basically, I've just been "limping" along since then, using it sparingly.

We talked with Tim, who said he was willing and able to install a new drive for me. We ordered it, and it arrived Friday. Yesterday Tim came to the house and, within 45 minutes had my Mac opened up, the dead drive out and the new drive in, and everything closed back up.

Then it was Dan's turn. He reinstalled the operating system and all my data (which, thankfully, was backed up completely).

Whenever I have a computer emergency, like this, I realize how lucky I am to have my own personal hardware and software super heroes to come to the rescue. Thanks, guys!


Anonymous said...

Your computer isn't that old, is it? I don't know anything about hard that a common thing to go wrong? Glad your "boys" could fix if for you!

Anonymous said...

(I forgot to leave my name on the above comment.)

Genie :-)

Anonymous said...

Genie, depending on the usage of the disk and it's environment, will determine it's lifecycle. Manufacturing process can either make a cheap drive and expensive drive. I've seen lots of Western Digital manufactured drives die prematurely, but the choice on disk is ultimately up to the user (or manufacturer). What tears the disks apart are the actual spin-up when power is applied; it's better for the disks themselves to be spinning 24x7x365. Tim