Monday, August 30, 2010

BlogPatrol Statistics

For quite some time I have had a Blogpatrol account ( BlogPatrol is a free service that shows you who is reading your blog, how they are finding it, what they are reading and when they are reading. I love checking on these statistics every now and then and am amused at how some of my older posts continue to attract new readers.

BlogPatrol tells me that, for the past seven days, 5:00 p.m. was the most popular hour for visitors to my blog, and I had more visitors on Thursday than any other day of the week.

A pie chart from BlogPatrol that I always find interesting is the one showing the number of unique visitors to my blog from various countries. BlogPatrol tells me that, in the past seven days, I had:
• 4 visitors from the United Kingdom,
• 5 from Germany,
• 5 from Canada,
• 5 from Australia,
• 6 from the Netherlands,
• and 125 from the United States.

How in the world, you may be wondering, do these folks from other countries find your blog? They find it by Googling specific words or phrases. One of the sets of statistics BlogPatrol provides is the top 20 keywords that people have searched for that landed them at my blog. For instance, in the past seven days:
• 4 people found my blog titled “Who Was Juan Tabo?” by Googling “Juan Tabo,” “Juan Tabo the person,” or “Who is Juan Tabo?”;
• 4 people found my blog titled “Jemez Mountains and Gilman Tunnels – October Photo Shoot” by Googling either “Jemez Mountains Tunnels” or “Gilman tunnels Jemez”;
• 3 people found my blog titled “Persion Flaws, Spirit Beads, Humility Squares and Thorns” by Googling “humility square,” “spirit beads,” or “humility is it a flaw”;
• and 2 people found my blog titled “Rain and Razor Blades” by Googling “razor blade slot” or “medicine cabinet blade slot”.
I’ve noticed that these four searches are almost always in the top 20, along with one other that didn’t show up this week: “foot x-ray machines in shoe stores” which lands visitors on my blog, “Feet and Shoes.”

If you blog, you, too, might want to consider getting a BlogPatrol account. It gives you some pretty interesting and detailed information about your readers, and you can’t beat a cost of $0.


Patty said...

For my website, I just signed up for google analytics. It looks like it's going to give me even more details. Pretty fun!

Linda said...

I'll have to check it out, Patty. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Well, that was interesting!!

Thanks for the info Linda!