Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mom's Adventures in Albuquerque

My mom came, last Sunday morning, to stay with us for an eight-day visit. That's her, in the pink jacket, getting her luggage from the hold of the little commuter plane that runs from Carlsbad to Albuquerque.

The only day I went in to work was Monday, but even then, I was home by 1:00, so we went out for lunch and for a drive. The weather was nice, and we had a good time visiting and sight seeing on Rio Grande Blvd. There are some beautiful, huge, expensive, Spanish style mansions there, and we had fun dreaming about what it would be like to live in one of them.

On Tuesday Tim joined us for lunch and spent part of the afternoon with us. Here he is with his Nanny.

Soon after Tim left, Mom got very sick. She suffers from Ménière’s disease, which comes on her suddenly, as it did on Tuesday, and totally debilitates her. She was sick the rest of Tuesday and most of Wednesday.

On Thursday, since Mom was feeling much better, I took her to ABQ Uptown for lunch, to a restaurant there that I had heard about but never tried. It was a great find. After lunch we headed home on I-40. Near the Rio Grande exit the car in front of me hit a huge (six foot long) hunk of tire tread that some truck had left on the road. It came flying out from behind that car and slammed into the front of our vehicle with a loud thud, then proceeded to flap around under the car, before shooting out from behind us. It happened very fast, and there was no avoiding it, since I was in the center lane, going the speed limit (65 mph), with cars behind and on both sides of me. We were both so thankful that it didn't precipitate an accident with another vehicle.

When we got home we checked out the car. It wasn't a pretty sight. The bumper was cracked and broken and the tire tread had flipped up and dented the hood. I was concerned that it might have caused damage underneath the car, so ran it over to the repair shop for an estimate, and called our insurance agent. It turned out that the skid plates underneath the car did their job, for the most part, and we didn't have any leaks. However it did bend the frame that holds the radiator and shove that frame back into the air conditioner/heater housing. The estimator said it would be okay to drive until I can get it in for repairs. Their first opening was the week of Aug. 16. The estimate was for $2300.

Poor Mom! It hadn't been a very pleasant visit, what with two sick days and one day with a near accident.

On Saturday I tried to make up for it by taking her on the Railrunner up to Santa Fe. We timed it so that we would get there in time for lunch at Tomasita's, which is right there beside the train station, and return home on the 1:17 p.m. southbound train. It was a very nice day and we had a great time. Riding the train is so relaxing.

And here it is Sunday already. Mom catches her New Mexico Airlines flight for home this evening. I'm so glad she was able to come see us again. Ta ta for now, Mom. Hope to see you again, soon.


joven said...

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Anonymous said...

Overall, a good visit, I would say! Very thankful that your car mishap wasn't worse! That's very brave of your mom to ride in that little airplane! :)