Saturday, January 2, 2010

Trying It Out

I haven't had a chance to go anywhere to try taking outdoor photos with my new camera, but I did take a few shots from our backyard. I was using the 55-200 zoom lens, zoomed out pretty far, and was not using a tripod. I thought the image stabilization in the lens did a good job (although for some of these I did steady my arms on the barbecue grill). It's going to be a fun camera to use!

This is a fence across the street from us:

And here's a view of the Sandias from our deck:

This morning I saw a hot air balloon coming down a block or two over, so captured its landing. The blurred fence in the foreground of the second and third pictures is ours, to give you some perspective:

And, as I was taking shots of the first balloon, another one passed overhead:

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