Monday, January 18, 2010

The End of a Love Affair

For more than 3-1/2 years I've been in a love affair with . . . my Sony camera. It started out, back in 2006, as a summer fling. We went to Alaska and made beautiful music - or, rather, photography - together. As we spent more and more time with each other, traveling from the Southwest to the Northwest, from deserts to mountains to prairies, I fell madly in love with that little camera with its 12X zoom. But it had its limitations, and I eventually outgrew it.

On Christmas my TRUE love, my husband of 41 years, presented me with a new camera - one that will challenge me with an excitingly steeper learning curve.

Since Christmas, the Sony has been tucked away in its case, and the Nikon and I have been playing together. That was all well and good, until someone asked me if I wanted to sell my Sony. Sell my Sony?! That's when I realized how in love I'd really been with it. Could I let it go? Would I regret it? Would I ever want to go back?

Today I've been gathering up all the Sony accessories, formatting the memory cards, locating the user manual, and trying to set a fair price. It's been a difficult process, but the incentive is the prospect of cash, which will go toward accessories - maybe even a new lens - for the Nikon.

The deal isn't yet made. It might not happen. But I've prepared my mind and am ready to let it go. I think.