Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sweet Dreams

It seems like someone who has reached senior citizen status would have outgrown their love of candy. For a large part, that's true for me. But there's one candy that still rings my bell! I'm giving you a sneak peek at a couple of scenes straight out of my dreams, featuring my heroes, an army of chocolate covered gummy bears.

Kelsey knows about my sweet tooth, and sent me home with a birthday package of little gummy critters. As you can see from the one that has already fallen, these sweeties won't last long around here!

Thanks Kelsey.


Anonymous said...

Linda is to blame I think for my passion for them too. I remember thinking they sounded but gross...BUT...they are wonderful!

Try too will LOVE them!!

(I haven't had them for a long time.....thanks for the craving, Linda.)


Katy and Chris said...

Oh, if I wasn't already hungry, my sweet tooth is now shouting at me!

Kelsey said...

You're quite welcome, Linda. And I agree, the thought of chocolate covered gummy bears grossed me out, but it was a yummy surprise when I finally tried them.

Linda said...

And, Kelsey, don't forget that they make WHITE chocolate covered ones, too, which even Chris, with his choc. allergy, can have.