Thursday, November 13, 2008

How Does a Rabbit Tell Time?

Every evening, at almost exactly 4:45, this fall, this same little rabbit shows up in our yard, sits down beside our footpath, on a clump of dead grass, and rests for a half hour or so before high-tailing it out of the yard. Today I decided to leave a little snack for him. I sliced up a few carrots and put out several lettuce leaves, right beside his little soft spot. Right on time, he showed up and was delighted to find dinner! He seemed to prefer the lettuce to the carrots. In fact, the lettuce was gone in a flash, while most of the carrots are still sitting there. (So much for having learned everything I know about rabbits from Bugs Bunny!)

Here's his picture. I walked out to the back patio, very slowly - he didn't appear to notice - and snapped this quick shot.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

He'll be expecting some lettuce everyday now.....I
think you have a pet! ;-) Genie