Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fall Day at the Gardens

Mom is here, visiting with us for Thanksgiving. Today I took the day off. I spent a little time preparing a few things for tomorrow's dinner, but still had plenty of free time, so I took Mom to the Botanic Gardens, where we strolled a little bit. There are lots of benches, scattered here and there, so it was not too tiring for her. We both enjoyed getting out in the fall weather for a while. The sun was shining and it was around 65 degrees.

Mom, at one of the garden gates.

New Mexico's state bird is the roadrunner. I was happy to get a clear photo of this one. Roadrunners can run up to 17 miles per hour, and are "skittish," making it very hard to get their picture. This one, though, was wandering around some tables at the entrance to the Gardens, where people often feed it, so it was a little less camera shy.

Some dried tree pods hanging in front of a clump of pampas grass.

In the courtyard, just outside of the gate to the Gardens, is this bronze sculpture that I love. You can see, in the background, some flocked trees. They are setting up for the month-long River of Lights.

After the Botanic Gardens, we went to the 66 Diner, on the old Route 66 (currently Central Street, in Albuquerque), and had lunch. Here's Mom with Betty Boop.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. I wish each of you a wonderful day with your family and friends.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! Your mom looks
so good.....tell her hi! Enjoy your time together.....

Papa John said...

What a nice day you share in this post. I would have loved to have "strolled" with you two since I have a serious "thing" for botanical gardens, arboretums, zoos, and natural history interpretive centers.
I must say Mom Margaret looks wonderful. I have a similar picture of my bride with "Betty Boop" and in both cases our girls look great and "Betty Boop" looks rather two-dimentional. I am so proud of Margaret's ability to travel and to hoof it around a bit on her own.
Next time we are in Albuquerque, we'll let you take us to the Gardens. OK?

Mia said...

What a precious day. I love the first photo of your mother by the gate. It's a beautiful photo.

And the bronze statue, so delicate and playful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all too!
Tell Margaret hi for me. I'm sure you are enjoying being together. Wish we lived closer.
65 degrees sounds like summer to me.
love you,
Janet H.