Sunday, October 5, 2008

A B C D E F G . . .

Here's Sweetpea, performing her ABCs.

I'm soooo terrible at taking videos. We don't have a regular video camera, so this was taken with my still camera, which will take short clips, as well. But I need some training, obviously.

ANYWAY, the subject of my poor quality video is TOP BANANAS! They just don't come any sweeter.


Anonymous said...

Too cute for words......I bet you watch that little
video a lot! Thanks for sharing......Genie

Anonymous said...

Too too precious! And she's soooo smart. I've watched it 57 times now (well, maybe not quite that many) and I've almost learned my ABCs now too.

We blondes must stick together and help one another out. Thanks, Sweet Pea! You are such a cutie!

Thanks for sharing that pop-the-buttons-off-your-shirt video, Grandma. I know that all of us out here in Bloggerville loved it.