Tuesday, October 21, 2008

. . . And Still Waiting

Every day we think, "This is the day that Aaron and Snow will be heading our way." And every evening we find out, through some means (they don't have a cell phone that works in the US), that they are still waiting on the car's release. Marci is still here with us, and I sympathize with her motherly anxiety.

Yesterday, however, we talked with Aaron's cousin, Jacob, in LA, and learned that today (Tuesday) is really the day. They are supposed to retrieve their car this morning, after having been delayed these seven days, and they will drive until they get here to Albuquerque, probably very late tonight. Ironically, Customs warned them, yesterday, "It's ready, and if it's not picked up by 9:30 a.m., you will be charged another day of storage fees." Ha! That reminds me of my childhood pet dog, Fritz. I'd put a piece of dog biscuit on his nose and say, "Stay, stay, stay" (in Aaron and Snow's case, make that seven "stays"). Little Fritzie would obediently wait, quivering with anticipation and looking cross-eyed at that morsel. Then I'd say "Get it!!" and, quicker than lightning, he'd toss the treat into the air, snap his jaws open, and gobble it up.

"Get it!" Aaron!

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