Thursday, October 2, 2008

Am I a Chicken or a Pig?

It was one of our elders, Tobey, who prepared and presented a devotional talk last evening, after our mid-week Bible study. His topic was “commitment.” I loved something he said: “When it comes to ham and eggs, the chicken is involved; the pig is committed.”

I’ve continued to mull over his thoughts. I’d like to believe that, when the cause is worthy, I am committed. But I wonder how often I let myself get by with being involved when I should be committed.

Involvement can, sometimes, fool the people around me into believing I’m committed. What’s surprising, though, is that involvement might even fool me into believing I’m committed. I hate fooling myself!

After giving it some thought, I don’t think I’m completely committed to very many causes. Considering the price that commitment might demand, that’s probably a good thing. I believe I’m committed to God, His church and His way. I believe I’m committed to my marriage and my husband. I believe I’m committed to my children and my grandchild. Am I committed to, or only involved with, my friends, my job, my dreams, my goals?

How do I know the difference? From now on I’ll give it the “chicken or pig” test. Am I willing to give my time, my money, my emotions, my energy, my things? Like the chicken, I may only be involved. Am I willing to give all of the above as well as my own self, if the need arises? Like the pig, I'm committed.


Anonymous said...

yup....without a doubt, you ARE a pig.



(very good blog thots today....thank you)

Linda said...

Tee hee (or should I say oink oink?)! Never thought of that as a complement before! ;-)