Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Over in the Meadow - Part 2

I spent some time today experimenting with styles for the Counting Book (see yesterday's post). I've discovered that I can photograph the origami "babies," and, using Photoshop Elements, paste them onto my background as many times as necessary. That means I won't have to make TEN frogs.

Here's a rough draft of pages one and two. By the way -- those are the toads, not the frogs. The toad isn't that difficult, but the frog is a bear! (How can a frog be a bear?)

You can click on the picture, to see it a little larger.


Anonymous said...

What a talented grandma you are! Must be nice! :-)
Sweetpea's books will be treasured for generations
to come.........genie

Kelsey said...

That's such a cute idea, Linda! Is there no end to your creativity? Clara is a lucky girl.

Linda said...

Well, from my perspective, Grandma is a lucky grandma! :-)

I'm having a lot of fun with this one. But . . . have you ever seen a pattern for an origami muskrat? Ha! I may have to settle for a plain ole' RAT.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I, too, and in awe of you ideas, abilities, and talents.

Your books for Sweetpea are the most wonderful thing and a wonderful keepsake.

You should also publish and sell some books!!

Gram Spam (hee hee)