Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Time for Pumpkins

For your viewing pleasure ... Our little Sweetpea last year, at 10 months old, at the pumpkin patch (left); and this year at 22 months (right). (Pictures by Kelsey)

Looking at Sweetpea's pumpkin patch pictures takes me back to our Oregon years, when we took our boys to our favorite pumpkin patch every October. The farm we went to provided a hay wagon to carry the kids out to the field, where they could choose their pumpkins; and then back to the country store, where the pumpkins were weighed. They always had apple cider to drink, and lots of homemade goodies in the store. There were farm animals for the kids to pet and feed, and in the barn were a number of nursery rhyme dioramas, with jack-o-lanterns in all the starring roles.

We continued to do the pumpkin patch thing all the way through the boys' high school years. In fact, I remember that Takashi went, too, the year he was with us. Here's a picture of the three boys working on their jack-o-lanterns that year.

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Anonymous said...

That little Sweetpea is just too too cute!!!

Those were such good memories of the pumpkin patch in Tualatin...lots of parents and kids from church on a crisp but sunny fall day!

What a great memory you have...and that combined with your great storytelling gift makes your blog so much fun to read.