Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Kelsey told a story in her blog about shopping the other day. She took Sweetpea into a dressing room, where Kelsey tried on a brown sweatshirt she was considering buying. She asked Sweetpea what she thought, and Sweetpea, who is just now beginning to communicate her thoughts, verbally, answered, "Curious George, oo oo oo." That was not the compliment Kelsey was fishing for!

I told Kelsey that this is just the beginning. One never knows what will come out of a little one's mouth. When Tim was in kindergarten or first grade, his class was learning some proverbs from Benjamin Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanac; and about that same time my mom and dad came, from Alaska, for a visit. The boys and I drove from Salem (where we then lived) to Portland, to pick them up at the airport. As always, we were excited and happy to see and hug Nanny and Papa again. After loading them, and their luggage, into the car, we buckled up for the trip back down I-5, to Salem. Chris, who never let a quiet moment stay that way, was jabbering on and on about school and friends and what we were going to do during Nanny and Papa's visit. Finally Tim found a rare pause in the conversation that he felt he couldn't pass up. He proudly interjected: "Nanny, did you know fish and visitors stink after three days?"


Anonymous said...

Yeah...well...I'm not feeling too badly for Kelsey...yet.

Kayla has been potty trained since about the time she turned two. After they are potty trained they look sooo slender without those bulky diapers on. Anyway, a couple of months after that I took her into the powder room to do her business and as I pulled up her pants I patted her on the bottom and said, "Kayla, you have such a tiny little bottom." She came right back with, " Well, Nanny, you have such a big bottom!"

Soooo, just tell Kelsey it's gonna get worse before it gets better...or before they learn the fine art of tact???

Kayla's Nanny

Anonymous said...

Just a bit more...I had to log off quickly so Boppy could finish his workday at home on the computer.

I would love to see/meet that cute little Sweetpea in person. I loved hearing about her shopping trip with Curious George! George gets tops ratings in this house so I am sure that it was one of the highest compliments that Sweatpea could give.

I look forward to hearing more 2 year old conversation stories!


Linda said...

G, that's so funny -- about the "big bottom" comment! And if all my readers knew you, they'd think it was REALLY funny, because it couldn't be farther from the truth, my skinny little friend!