Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mending Fences and News about Tim's Move

About three weeks ago a big wind storm moved through and took down two sections of our side fence. Our yard sits up high, and our neighbor's is low. There is a retaining wall, only visible from the neighbor's side, holding back our yard, and the fence sits on top of that wall. The main reason for the fence, in that place, is to keep someone from falling over the retaining wall.

Anyway, Balloon Fiesta activities got in the way of a quick repair. But last week Dan, our neighbor and his son dug out the center fence post, which was a big chore, since it was set in concrete, and then sunk a new post in the ground. Today the three of them put the rails and the boards up. And right now Dan is relaxing in his easy chair, watching some TV, and holding a baggie of ice on his thumb, which had a run-in with a hammer; the hammer won. Here's a picture of the two new fence sections. Nice job, guys!

On another note, Tim is out running errands today. I'm not sure, but he may be buying a few things he needs for his new apartment. He found out, earlier this week, that the apartment he has been waiting for isn't going to be empty as soon as they thought (that's the bad news). But they have another one - same size - that's available NOW! And it's on the ground level, so he won't have to move all his belongings up to a second story apartment (and that's the good news). It caught him by surprise, so he's not prepared to make the move this weekend, but maybe next! He's really anxious to get back to a place of his own.

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