Tuesday, July 17, 2007

To Blog or Not to Blog

I've always loved to write, and in my life, spanning more decades than I care to admit, I've begun diaries (when I was a child) and journals (when I was older and too "sophisticated" for diaries) a number of times. My mother-in-law, Lauretta, who is now in poor health, was an inspiration to me in this regard. Until her health failed, Lauretta faithfully wrote, by hand, in spiral-bound notebooks, the episodic story of her life. I hope someday to have the privilege to read some of those journals. She always had such insight into life and people, and had an interesting, and often humorous, writing style.

However, in about the second week of each of my own journaling attempts, I would inevitably come to the conclusion that my life wasn't very interesting and become bored with my own scribblings. My journals were always private, so no one knew that I had started and failed repeatedly. I HATE to fail!

So that little insecure voice, down deep inside, is telling me that I should keep this blog private, as well. On the other hand, making it public might be just the pressure I need to keep me writing. Only time will tell. Welcome to this, my very public private life.

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Anonymous said...

Linda- I'm glad that you didn't keep this private- what a fun blog, and how great for your family to read your memories. I haven't yet taken the blog plunge, but I love reading these types of blogs, with good stories and family memories. Keep writing!