Tuesday, July 17, 2007

State Fair!

We've lived in New Mexico, now, for four years, but we've never gone to the State Fair. This year, however, my friend, Sherry, and I plan to enter some of our photos for judging, so I'll be going. The rules allow me to enter four photos, and I think I'll be submitting two black and whites, and two color. Digital photography has been a hobby of mine for about seven or eight years. I still have a lot to learn, but the learning, itself, is fun. I also spend a lot of my spare time using Photoshop Elements to refine, enhance and embellish my images. Anyway, here are two of the photos that I'm thinking about entering in the Fair.

This first image I took as my husband, Dan, and I were playing "tour guide" to Dan's sister, Marci, and our nephew, Caleb. We took them to Los Alamos and went via the scenic route, through the Jemez Mountains. These fellows were climbing the face of this cliff, and we stopped the car so Marci and I could snap a few pictures.

And this second image gives me the perfect excuse to introduce you to my granddaughter. Sweetpea (not her real name, but it's what I'll be calling her here), who was 10 months old when I took this photo, is 19 months old now, and the sweetest thing that's happened to me in recent history. She doesn't live in New Mexico, so we treasure every visit we have with her. She will be the star of my blog entries, time and time again, so you'd better be prepared!

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