Thursday, July 19, 2007

The 110th Birthday Party

My good friend Sherry and I hosted a 110th birthday party this month! Yes, I said “one hundred tenth,” and that wasn’t a typo. Sherry’s husband, Keith, turned 50 early this month, and my husband, Dan, turned 60 just five days later. Do the math! That’s 110 years of life wrapped up in those two good men.
Dan, above. Keith, below.

Sherry and I started planning this celebration about three months earlier, and worked hard to keep it a secret from Dan and Keith. (We almost succeeded, although I, unknowingly, let slip a teensy clue that Dan picked up on.) We decided to host the party at a restaurant, and that’s when our fun really began. Sherry and I met every Tuesday at noon, at a different restaurant, to try it out. Some were too small. Some were too expensive. Some didn’t have great food. Some wanted a huge service charge. But we finally found and settled upon Christy Mae’s, a nice home-style, family-operated restaurant whose management was incredibly accommodating. (I might as well give them a well-deserved plug:

Forty people came together, the evening of July 7, to honor Dan and Keith for achieving their cumulative 110 years of experience. Mylar balloons decorated the two honorees' chairs. Keith’s balloon had a big 50 on it. Dan had TWO balloons. We couldn't find one that said 60, so had to buy two 30s. (I guess that’s how it is when you get THAT old!). The food was good. The birthday cards were hilarious. The cake was beautiful. The non-stop conversation was punctuated with laughter. One sweet lady read the limericks she had written - one for Dan and another for Keith. We sang “Happy Birthday,” shared cake with the restaurant staff and a few other customers sitting nearby. All in all, Dan and Keith were fittingly celebrated.

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