Sunday, July 16, 2017

My New Car

The lease was up on my VW Tiguan, and it was time to make a decision -- buy it or turn it in. I was all prepared to go ahead and buy it and keep it for two or three more years. It had been a good car for me. But, of course, it was time for new tires, and service. I was going to miss that free service and the warranty that came with the lease.

Dan, who purchased a certified pre-owned Mercedes (C class, bright red) about six weeks ago, really wanted me to at least take a look at a Mercedes SUV. We went down there thinking about a GLA - their very small SUV. But once I sat in one I knew it was too small. I'd rather keep my VW than get one of those. But Dan wasn't done wheeling and dealing.

It was a very long day . . . we got to the dealership at around 10:30 a.m., and didn't leave until around 8:00 at night . . . with a 2014, certified pre-owned GLK - with good tires, a warranty and pre-paid service! It's really a dream to drive, and has all the bells and whistles anyone could want - even two video screens and headphones built into the backseat, which the grands will love, I'm sure. It's a very pretty color - "Lunar Blue" they call it.

I'm feeling like a very pampered wife!

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Anonymous said...

Very nice! I know how it is to be at a car dealer's for hours waiting for the salesman, general manager to agree to what Earl wants! Enjoy your new cars!