Friday, March 11, 2016

Miss You Mom!

One year ago today. Can one year already have passed? Yes, that’s what the calendar says . . . one year ago today Mom passed on to her heavenly home. 

My initial shock and grief are past. I can talk about Mom now and smile. I sometimes even laugh at things I remember about her. But I still miss her, usually at the most unexpected times.

For instance, when we went to eat at a new restaurant and saw that they had “frozen custard" on the menu, my initial thought was how much Mom would have enjoyed ordering her favorite -- a caramel sundae.

Yesterday I noticed the first bluebonnets poking out of the ground, and thought about how Mom marveled over them when she visited us in the spring of 2014 (before she moved here), and had me take her picture beside a patch of them.

And, last week, when we got to spend the day with Bea, I kept wishing that Mom could have been there to share in the reunion. She and Bea would have had a non-stop "remember when" festival!

Lots of memories -- all of them sweet. And I love how they just take me by surprise in the middle of an otherwise ordinary day.

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