Monday, December 14, 2015

School Winter Wonderland Program

Our three-day visit with Chris, Kelsey and the kids ended with a bang-up school program on Thursday night, in which Robert performed with the kindergarteners, and Clara performed three times -- with the pep squad, the school choir, and with the 4th and 5th grade classes. In between each of their performances, we had to leave the gym, where the program was going on, and make room for other parents/grandparents to watch their children perform. It was . . . "chaotic" doesn't quite describe it . . . is "uber-chaotic" a word? But all of the awkward logistics were worth it, just to see our precious grandkids perform with their friends.

Robert sang his little heart out in "I Want to Be an Elf." Here he is practicing it home, earlier in the day.

And here he is, on the risers, performing with his classmates. He didn't miss a beat! Just look at how happy they all are. That's what really counts in something like this!

In between our kids' performances, we had time to go to the library, where Santa was waiting to talk with Robert.

Clara's first performance was with the pep squad. I loved their cheer:  "Merry merry Christmas, y'all!

My favorite part of the program was when the school choir sang. Clara was one of a quartet who sang a segment of "Just One Candle" by themselves. They did an awesome job! I was so proud of Clara. She is such a natural in front of people - no stage fright at all. She must get that from her great-grandma (my mom), who started singing at a young age, as well.

This little video clip isn't very good. A result of the uber-chaos, mentioned above, was that the audience was quite noisy. I wanted to get up and shake a few of them - LOL. Anyway, here it is --

And, finally, the 4th and 5th graders combined to end the program with lots of holiday cheer. Besides singing, they showed off their skill at playing the recorders.


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