Sunday, December 13, 2015

Reunion with Long-Ago Friends

When we lived in Salem, Oregon, and the boys were in grade school, Chris had a best friend who lived in our neighborhood. His name was Chad, and the two of them spent countless hours playing together. His mom, Lora, and I also became good friends. We both were committed volunteers at the kids' school. Occasionally our two families got together, so we got to know Chad's younger sister and his dad, Bill, as well. They were very gracious people, who had lived a rather interesting and adventurous life.

Chris on left, Chad on right, and his little sis in the middle. This was taken at a piano recital where all three of them performed -- which is why Tim, who wasn't taking piano at that time, is missing from the picture.

We moved from Salem to Newberg when Chris had completed the fifth grade. It was difficult for Chris to leave behind such a good friend, whom he had known for five years. Lora and I got the boys together a few times after that, but eventually they also moved from Salem, and we only kept up with each other through our annual Christmas letters. 

Happily, Lora and Bill are now living near Chris and Kelsey, so while we were in Houston last week, we arranged a meet-up with them at a restaurant. It was really wonderful visiting with them once again, and catching up on their more recent experiences. It had been over thirty years since we'd seen them. It was especially nice for Chris to get to know them again, now as an adult. I hope we can do this again, sometime, maybe even when Chad and his family are in Texas, visiting. That would be a SUPER reunion.

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