Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pictures (by Kelsey) from Our Houston Visit

As I said in a previous post, I wasn't able to get many pictures during our Houston visit. I had a malfunction of my memory card. (All right. If I must, I will admit that the malfunction was with the operator, not the memory card. I thought I had my 32-gig memory card with me, and couldn't figure out why I could only take 5 pictures before it said it was full. Come to find out, my 32-gig card was at home, sitting on my desk, and the one in my camera was only 32-meg. It DID have a big "32" on it! Silly Grandma!). 

Anyway, now that Kelsey has posted some pictures on her blog, I was able to "steal" a few to display here:

Clara, the Spring Fairy, during her song/dance number.

Clara is holding the giant "J" (for Judd) made out of Legos. Chris and the kids are Lego-maniacs (my terminology) and this cute Father's Day gift will hang on the wall in their game room.

Grandpa with his Father's Day gifts.

Kelsey was raving about her new-found Snoballs shack - shave-ice with a zillion different varieties of home-made syrups. So we had to try them out. Sure tasted good on this hot, muggy day. Mine was Rootbeer Float flavor - yum! Robert went for the Ninja Turtle syrup! Ha!

Robert was attending VBS this week, and the theme was "Science." Here he is, our mad scientist.

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