Friday, June 26, 2015

Houston Visit

Now that I'm more comfortable sitting for longer periods, we were able to take a short road trip to visit Chris, Kelsey and the grands. We finally got to see their new house, and we think it's a perfect fit for their family. The best thing about the new house, according to Robert, is the backyard swimming pool! We drove over on the morning of Thursday, June 18, and returned home on Saturday. As always, I came with camera in hand, but was terribly disappointed when I found that my memory card was not working, for some reason. I took a few snapshots with my phone, but missed all of the pictures of Clara's performance.

Oh, yes . . .  Clara's performance! She participated in a summer theater camp, along with 90 or so other children, and Thursday night was their grand culminating performance. Every child had at least a few moments on stage, so you can imagine how long this play was! Clara was a Spring Fairy, and played her part very well. Clara loves being on stage and is always comfortable and confident in front of a crowd.

Later that night Dan, Clara and Robert competed in a Wii car race. If you look closely you will see that Clara is still wearing her Spring Fairy make-up.

Since we were all together, we celebrated Father's Day a wee bit early, with a Friday evening dinner at Texas Land and Cattle. Chris got a very clever handmade gift from his family, as well as a new Wii game. And Dan was surprised by two framed paintings from the children - their artistic interpretation of Juan Fangio's (Dan's favorite old-time Formula 1 race car driver) race car. Very cute!

As a side-note . . . we've had a number of inquiries about how we fared during the recent Texas storms. I'm happy to say that we had no serious problems here in our neighborhood. Tons of rain, some pretty big winds, thunder and lightning, but no damage. On our drive to Houston, we still saw fields with standing water from those storms, and all of the vegetation was very green and lush.

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