Sunday, December 7, 2014

Long-Awaited Birthday Gift

Dan's birthday is in July. One of the gifts I gave him for his special day was a pair of tickets to the Temple Symphony Orchestra's Christmas Concert. So, after waiting six months, he finally got to enjoy that gift, last night.

We had not heard this orchestra before and, considering the size of Temple, did not have high expectations. But before the first piece was finished, we knew we were in for a great treat. The orchestra and its conductor, Thomas Fairly, were first class.

The first half of the program was classical music, and the second half was lighter, more familiar Christmas music. There were also some vocal pieces, featuring one soprano, a baritone, and a combined chorale from San Gabriel and from Temple College.

Near the end, the conductor led the audience in a sing-a-long. It was fun singing with the chorus and the full orchestra.

This program was just what we needed to put us fully into the Christmas spirit. We may make this an annual holiday event.

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Chesney said...

Bet he loved that...sounds like fun!