Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

Christmas Day was relaxing and enjoyable. We started the morning with a special breakfast treat of fresh kolaches, from our local Kolache Kitchen. Then we exchanged gifts.

Here's Mom, showing off a painting of a pear that I did. Although it was only an exercise, she really liked it, so I had it framed for her. We also got her a portable ice-maker for her apartment at Stoney Brook, so she can have iced tea whenever she wants.

Tim has been playing all day with his quadcopter drone with HD camera. Sadly, we forgot to get an SD card, so he wasn't able to take any video, but we'll pick one up tomorrow.

Dan will be kept busy for a while, putting together his wooden model of a working trebuchet. He enjoys small woodworking projects (like the doll house we built for Clara last year), and has always been interested in trebuchets, so it seemed like a good match. 

And Dan knew just what to get for me . . . a table-top easel. It'll make painting a lot more enjoyable!

Even after opening presents this morning, there were still packages underneath the tree. They are for Chris, Kelsey, Clara and Robert, who will be coming to celebrate Christmas with us a little late. 

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Lois said...

Merry Christmas!