Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lunch at the Dead Fish Grill

On Wednesday I picked Mom up and took her to lunch at The Dead Fish Grill. Now before you judge it too harshly, based upon it's rather "stinky" name, let me tell you that it's a very nice restaurant, located right on the shore of Lake Belton, near the dam. Mom ordered the fried catfish, and said it was wonderful. Must have been, since she ate all of it, and she's not usually a big eater!

I tried to get a picture with my iPhone, but had trouble because of the bright background, so Mom's image is a little too dark. But you can see that it was a lovely day to be at the lake. This restaurant is only about 5 minutes from Stoney Brook, where Mom is living.

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Lynn said...

Looking good Margaret! We miss you!