Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Catching Up

We haven't done anything too exciting recently, therefore the lack of blog posts! But here's a quick summary of Life With the Judds.

Part of the reason for our inactivity is Dan's on-going recuperation from knee surgery, his home health care, and his physical therapy. He's doing great, although he is impatient with his progress this time around. I'm pretty sure he's doing every bit as well as he did the first time, but having both surgeries in a matter of three months makes it feel like he's been healing forever. His physical therapist has completed her work with him. We are just waiting for her supervisor to come to the house and officially release him from home health care; until then he is confined to the house except for going to church or medical appointments. Once he's released, he'll still be dependent upon me for driving, since he won't be able to get behind the wheel until he sees his doctor in a little over two weeks from now.

Mom is settling in pretty well now. We have all of her stuff unpacked and put away, and her pictures hung on the wall. She's ordered a small, round, drop-leaf dining table and a pretty little wooden kitchen utility cart, with a drawer and cupboards. The utility cart will add to her counter space so she can keep her toaster and other things out all the time. She has met with her new primary care physician, and likes her (she's the same doctor Dan and I see). Her permanent Texas ID card has arrived in the mail, and she's opened a local bank account. She's finding it pretty convenient to use Stoney Brook's bus for trips to Walmart and the grocery store. The only thing we still need to take care of is driving to Austin to meet with a fellow at the Senior Resource Center to see about making application for the Veterans' Aid and Attendance pension, which we believe she will qualify for, based upon my Dad's service in the military during war time. If she does, indeed, qualify it will help with her living expenses at Stoney Brook.

Since yesterday was Labor Day, I thought we should have a last summer-time feast. Mom came to the house, and we had a meal of grilled brats, home-made potato salad, watermelon, baked beans, corn on the cob, and, for dessert, peach pie with peach ice cream. We were all complaining that we ate too much, but . . . it's the last holiday meal until Thanksgiving.

The weather here hasn't turned fall-like yet. We're still seeing temperatures at or around 100 degrees mid-day. But the lawns are beginning to lose their green color, and our oak tree is showing signs of seasonal change, so maybe cooler temperatures are on their way.

My art class teacher took the month of August and the first week of September off, in order to travel to Peru on vacation. To keep in practice, I set myself a goal of drawing my first portrait. I struggled awhile about what to do, and then decided to try drawing one based upon a photo of Clara that Kelsey took a long time ago. It was always one of my favorites. 

I found I had time to try one of Robert, during our August break, as well. Again, I drew it from a photo taken by Kelsey.  I'm not perfectly satisfied with this one yet, but my teacher will help me tweak it when we get back to class. I'm pretty sure I'll need to add some background shading, for one thing.

My little Bible Bees are so precious! Two of them have earned their Bible Bees T-Shirts:

These two have memorized 11 Bible verses and have been in attendance nearly every week. Jayme (the little girl) has also memorized the books of the Old Testament and a series of facts about the Bible. Both are learning the fruit of the Spirit. This week we had five happy, eager Bible Bees in attendance, all making progress toward goals and earning awards.

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