Friday, August 2, 2013

Bye-bye Red; Hello Gray

Our red VW, shown in Wednesday's post, was leased from a VW dealership in Albuquerque, almost three years ago. Although the Tiguan is small, as SUVs go, it was really invaluable in transporting many of our goods from Albuquerque to Temple (remember?).

Since our three-year lease was drawing to an end, Dan and I drove down to a VW dealership in Georgetown on Tuesday, just to find out all the ins and outs of turning in the car, ending the lease and, initiating another lease for a new vehicle. This was just an information-gathering expedition. We knew we had a couple months left, but didn't want to have any surprises at the end.

That was the plan.

Once we got there, however, and learned that the end-of-model-year promotions were going on, it became clear that going ahead with the trade-in now, instead of waiting, would be a smart choice. So, after driving to Georgetown in our red VW, we drove back in a new "pepper gray metallic" one.

Welcome to our family Tiguan '13. Make yourself at home in the garage!


Anonymous said...

a 5 year lease that only lasts 3 years?? must be the new math?? LoL Enjoy the new wheels and the new car smell.

Linda Judd said...

No, no. It was a three-year lease. The new one, however, is a four-year lease.

Semen Rendi said...

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