Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Car Keys!

Monday I saw my surgeon, for my six-week check-up on my new knee. I was really looking forward to this appointment. Although I thought I was making pretty good progress, I did have some concerns: Was I still supposed to have this much stiffness in the knee? How long will I need to be taking over-the-counter pain medication, and is Aleve safe to take for that long? Was it normal to be stiff and sore when standing up after sitting for awhile? What should I be putting on the scar to minimize it? Should I have better flexion by this time? Should I be concerned about my lack of both strength and endurance? Would water aerobics be a good exercise choice? And . . . CAN I DRIVE NOW?

I had x-rays taken before the appointment. My doctor, and the resident who was working with him, answered all of my questions and relieved all of my concerns. The x-rays showed that the artificial knee joint is perfectly placed. Not only is everything I'm experiencing normal, but, according to the doc, I'm ahead of the curve in my recovery! He reminded me that it takes a full year for complete recovery. I need to be patient.

And YES, he released me to drive!

Keys in hand, and ready to hit the mall! 


regularman said...

Jan and I are really happy for you Linda!

Linda Judd said...

Thanks, Bill. It's been an adventure. I think I'll wait a year before doing the second knee. It'll be good to be completely healed, I think.