Sunday, July 14, 2013

This, That and The Other

The Birds
For almost a week the baby birds were leaving the nest early in the morning (I watched them leave, one at a time, the first day), but returning at night. Saturday night, however, they didn't return, and I haven't seen them since early Saturday morning. I guess we can officially call it an empty nest!

The Knee
I know I'm getting better and better, but the progress isn't a straight upward line. Some days are really good, and some days I feel really stiff and sore (like today). But I'm able to do more and more as time goes on. Dan still fixes our breakfast; I think he kind of enjoys it. But I'm doing my own lunch (we seldom seem to eat lunch together, and often eat different things), and doing most of the dinner prep. I'm also doing a little bit of housecleaning, which is really overdue. I think my time of being waited on is about to end (sigh).

You may remember that Dan had a trip to the ER a few days before I had my surgery. He was put on some potent antibiotics, but after he completed them the infection returned, sending him back to the ER one night. I was still using a walker at the time, and would have been no help, so he took himself in that time. Since then he's been back on multiple forms of antibiotics and other meds, trying to get completely well. I have felt so sorry, because he was having to take care of me while he was feeling pretty rotten himself. I'm happy to say that, although he's still on some of the meds, he's feeling much better again.

What We Have Been Doing
I've been feeling a little bit stir crazy, not being able to drive yet. Whenever Dan runs an errand I tag along, just to get out a bit. I'm hoping my doc will clear me to drive when I go in for my appointment, a week from tomorrow. And THEN I will be heading to the mall or to Kohl's to find some badly needed clothes that fit my body.

We've resumed our Saturday morning breakfasts out. And on Dan's birthday (July 8) we went to Olive Garden with our friends, Al and Wynn, to celebrate. We even ordered desserts! Did you know Olive Garden has some little tiny desserts on their menu (Piccoli Dolcis, or "little desserts") now. They are perfect to end a special meal, because they give you a taste of sweetness without over-filling you (I recommend the strawberry and white chocolate one). Plus they are way less expensive than the regular desserts - $2.50 each or 3 for $6.65. (This is NOT a paid advertisement, but I thought I'd share the info with my loyal readers.)

On Friday Dan and I went to the afternoon movie matinee to see The Lone Ranger. Of course, we both grew up watching the Clayton Moore/Jay Silverheels TV version of the Lone Ranger, and have grand memories of it. But there is another reason we had to go see this new, Armie Hammer/Johnny Depp movie. Back in Albuquerque, I worked closely with a fellow named Karl. For several years Karl has been going to casting calls for extras in movies. He's had good success, and, I think, has always been chosen. As a result, he's had fleeting appearances in the sci-fi movie, Paul; and in The Avengers. He was also chosen for The Lone Ranger, and was actually given a role as . . . the accountant for the brothel (ha!). In that role, he actually had a scene where he appeared one-on-one with Helena Bonham Carter (the "madam"). Sadly, after he saw the movie, he wrote to tell me that that scene had been left on the cutting-room floor, but that he, once again, had a fleeting appearance in another scene. It was so fleeting that he knew I wouldn't be able to find or identify him without his help. He told me when and where to watch in order to see him, dressed in black and standing on a balcony behind a rather chaotic scene in the movie. Thanks to his direction, Dan and I both spotted him. As for the movie . . . I guess a lot of critics have panned it, but we thought it was great fun. If you are expecting a serious re-make of The Lone Ranger, you will be disappointed. This movie borders on a spoof, and has some wonderful humor for those of us who remember the old times. Johnny Depp is a hilarious Tonto. The story is told in a style reminiscent of The Never Ending Story or, even, Princess Bride. At the climax, when the William Tell Overture is played with a full orchestra, I became a six-year-old kid again, cheering for the guy in the white hat.

What We Want To Do
So . . . we have decided that, shortly after I have that doctor's appointment, a week from tomorrow, we need to get out of town for two or three days. We are looking for a place to go with a little bit of a resort feel. Maybe on a lake. Maybe in the piney woods of East Texas. Maybe in the Hill Country. I don't know yet. If any of you know of the perfect spot within 4 or 5 hours of Temple, please share by leaving a comment.

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