Thursday, May 9, 2013

Welcome to Texas, Milt and Susie

Back in 1967 I came to Abilene Christian College as a freshman, and met Dan, who was two years ahead of me in school. Because of that, he had a well-established circle of friends; I was the new-comer in that circle. Although some of Dan's friends were never more than acquaintances to me, a few of them I grew to love as true friends. Two of those friends were Milt and Susie. They were newlyweds when I first met them. Two years later, when Dan and I were about to tie the knot, Susie hosted a bridal shower - a lingerie shower, to be more precise - for me in their cute little apartment, just across the street from campus.

That was back in 1969. Since then we have kept in touch only at Christmas time. We did get together one weekend, in 1979, at a mutual friend's home in Redding, California. That was the last time we had seen them until this week.

Milt and Susie have just made a big move from their long-time home in California to Georgetown, north of Austin. Their new house is about 45 minutes away from ours. Milt called us Monday morning to let us know that we are now "neighbors." Dan and I drove down, that very day, to have lunch with Milt. Susie is continuing her employment with her California employer by telecommuting from a home office. Since she was just getting back to work, after their move, she wasn't able to go to lunch with us, although we did get to visit briefly. We're excited to have Milt and Susie back in our lives, and look forward to many more good times together.

Milt and Dan - college pals

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This makes me smile...nothing like an old friend1