Friday, May 3, 2013

Trading In the Old for New

Every car owner knows that there comes a time when the old worn-out car just won't dependably get you around any more, and needs to be traded in for new "wheels." Well, metaphorically speaking, MY wheels have worn out and I'm no longer able to safely and easily get around. I'm not talking about my little red VW; I'm referring to my creaky, unstable, painful KNEES.

Today I saw an orthopaedic surgeon. I told him I'm DONE with all of the Bandaid fixes I've been trying; I'm DONE with haltingly walking up- and downstairs sideways, like a crab; I'm DONE with not being able to walk around the block; I'm DONE with waking at night and painfully trying to unbend my knees; I'm DONE turning down invitations to do fun things because my knees won't get me through the day; and I'm READY to trade in my worn-out knees for some shiny new metal and plastic ones (with that new-car smell).

What I didn't expect was how quickly the Doctor said he could accommodate my request. He offered me a date this very month, but I declined and chose, instead, a June 4 date. That will give me a month to prepare myself for this adventure and to make a quick trip to New Mexico to see my Mom. I know I won't be able to travel for a while afterward, so I want to go visit her prior to the surgery.

On June 4 I will be having my right knee done. As long as all goes well, I should be able to have the left one done three to six months later. I asked a lot of questions, and the doc was kind and patient in answering them. I'm sure I'll have others, but I am signed up to attend Scott & White's Rapid Recovery Joint Class, known colloquially as "Joint Camp," where prospective patients (like me) and their at-home care givers (like Dan) will get a ton of information and have the opportunity to ask anything and everything of the experts.

I plan to blog about this experience, from start to finish, mostly for my own benefit. It will help me when I'm going through it a second time. I'll have something to refer to and to compare with. Come along on this journey with me, if you're interested!


Anonymous said...

My dad had both knees done at the same time a few years think he has done...he can move again! I will be thinking of you in the upcoming month! :)

Anonymous said...

It's not fun but the results are worth it. I've had both knees done but not that close together. You are such a self-disiplined person - you'll do great! Kathy C.

Linda Judd said...

Thanks to both of you for the encouragement!

Judi Clark said...

Good luck! This will be worth it just for the photo hobby... imagine all the cool places that you'll be able to get to that are not so accessible now!