Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter in Spring

On Friday of last week we drove to Spring to be with Chris, Kelsey and the children for the Easter weekend. On the drive over, we saw so many bluebonnets and other wildflowers alongside the roads and in country meadows. Sorry . . .  no pictures . . . we were on the way to see the grands, so no time to stop for photos.

On Friday evening the kids got to dye their Easter eggs. It was Robert's first time, and he took to it with gusto.

On Saturday morning the kids took part in an Easter egg hunt at their church building. Besides the egg hunt, there were bouncy houses and face-painting. Robert had no interest in the face-painting, but had a lot of fun in the bouncy houses. Clara asked for a bunny face at the face-painting station.

Finally it was time for the egg hunt. They had separate areas for the pre-schoolers and the school-age kids. Both kids filled their baskets. Clara wanted her picture taken with the Easter bunny, but I couldn't convince Robert to get close to him.

 As if all of the Easter activities and candy wasn't enough to hyper-energize these little ones, that evening they went to a birthday party for their little friend, Justin.

While they were partying, Dan and I met up with our friends, Ruby and Dave, for dinner at a nice Mexican restaurant. It had been a long time since we'd seen them, so it was great to get together again. After dinner we went to their home for a while to meet Ruby's mother, who was visiting. Ruby's mom had baked two pies for us - pecan and chocolate cream. I had never met her before, so it was a real treat getting to know her.

Then, after pie and coffee, Dave and Ruby came to Chris and Kelsey's with us, so they could see the children and how much they'd grown since they'd last seen them. Robert took to Ruby immediately, and the feeling seemed to be mutual. They played with cars, together, all evening.

After Dave and Ruby left, it was time for the children to get ready for bed. They were excited, because they knew the Easter Bunny was coming to hide their eggs while they slept. Kelsey put soft curlers in Clara's hair so that she'd have pretty curls to wear with her new dress in the morning. Clara was happy to sit still for this procedure as long as she had a book to read. She is a voracious reader!

Here are the kids, the next morning, all decked out in their Easter clothes. Both were cute as could be, but Clara, in her sweet dress, her Mary Jane shoes, and her curls, was especially lovely. 

Photo by Kelsey
After church we all came back home for a delicious dinner, prepared by Kelsey. Then it was time for us to say our good-byes. Here are a few final pictures of us with the kids. I especially love the last one, of me with both of the children. Robert had just about had his fill of posing for pictures, and this was all we could get out of him. But it turned out to be my favorite picture of the weekend.

Photo by Kelsey

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