Saturday, April 13, 2013

Busy Week

Excitement, chaos, exhaustion and relief. It doesn't seem like all of those emotions could co-exist, but, after this week, I can verify that they can.

When Dan and I bought our home in Temple (back in September, 2011), we planned to replace the carpeting with wood. It took us this long to work our plan and work up our courage, but after three days of topsy-turvy living this week, we have those new floors. I think the process of preparing rooms for this kind of project is as labor-intensive as actually moving.

The men who laid the floors did the moving of the furniture, both out of and into the rooms, but we had to have the rooms emptied of all extraneous "stuff." That was especially difficult when it came to our office, which was over-stuffed with books, files, office supplies and computer equipment. But that is all behind us now, and we have the wood floors to show for it. Well . . . to be precise, we MOSTLY have the wood floors to show for it. The guys actually ran out of wood before they could do our two master closets. They had to order a couple more boxes and will finish up the closets next week. Not a big deal.

Taking up the carpet
It has to get ugly before it gets pretty
The new wood - a natural hickory - goes down

Today was our annual church picnic at the lake. Our preacher, Rodney, has a reputation to uphold on this day every year. He spends most of the night cooking the meats - sausage, chicken, pork loin and ribs this year - over a wood fire. He has the process perfected, and the meat is always delicious! Everyone else brings side dishes and desserts.

Jase is one of the sweet two-year-olds in my Sunday morning Bible class
Some of the boys get in a little football
Jase, again, walking around the tree with his mom

We also used this time together to honor our graduating seniors. This year we have three seniors. Sadly, one of them had to work today and couldn't be there. These three young people are the cream of the crop! I'm amazed at and proud of their abilities, their character and their achievements. 

These ladies tried valiantly to decorate tables for the seniors, but the wind came up and wreaked havoc with their efforts
Here are our graduating boys. The missing senior is a girl, and she'll be honored at church tomorrow.

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Lois said...

Beautiful new wood floors.
Nice series on the church picnic. I especially like the romp around the gnarled tree.