Monday, September 24, 2012

Together Again

It's been almost eight months since we left Albuquerque behind, which means it's been almost eight months since we've seen our younger son, Tim! When we were in Albuquerque, we lived only about a mile or two from him. During the week, when all three of us were working full-time, we seldom saw each other, but we made a point of meeting up on Saturday mornings for breakfast and conversation. I've really missed that weekly custom . . . which, interpreted, means I've really missed Tim!

On Friday afternoon, though, Tim arrived to spend his vacation time with us. It was his first time to drive the twelve-hour route between Albuquerque and Temple, and he gained a new-found appreciation for all those round-trips Dan and I made in preparation for our move. In fact, he's saying, "Next time I'm flying!"

Washing the bugs and road grime off his car

Saturday morning we picked up where we left off, and had breakfast together at a local cafe. Ahh, that just felt RIGHT! Today we're planning a picnic lunch at the lake. As for the rest of the week, we have made plans to go see Chris, Kelsey, Clara and Robert on Thursday; we've talked about possibly driving up to Waco to see their zoo one day; we'll probably attend the fish-fry that is on our church calendar next Saturday; and, one day, Tim wants to go, by himself, to explore the Austin area. I hope his GPS brings him back!

(Note regarding previous post: Perhaps you can tell, by all the activities we have planned, that the cortisone injections have worked wonders. My knees are no longer hurting, and there's a smile on my face.)

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Anonymous said...

Flying to Temple next time will be doable. This trip I had to return some stuff and it doesn't go very well in a suitcase nor carry-on. Plus the feeling of the drive had to be experienced. No problems other than being lost 3x near Abilene in which 2 GPS' were lost too. Good to see you guys, as always. --Tim