Friday, September 28, 2012

Robert Makes Me Laugh

Yesterday we took Tim with us to visit the Spring Judds, including, of course, Clara and Robert.

Clara was in school until 2:30, so Robert had a couple of hours as the sole center of our universe. I can't be around him for five minutes without laughing. He says such unexpected and funny things.

For instance . . . we had all just piled into Chris and Kelsey's car to head to a restaurant for lunch. Robert was buckled into his car seat and looking out the window. "Grandpa," he called out. "What's that?"

Grandpa, who was sitting in the front seat, directly in front of Robert, twisted his head around to see Robert, whose finger was smooshed up against the window and pointing in the direction of our car, which was parked next to us in the driveway.

"That's Grandma's car," said Grandpa.

"No!" said Robert. "It's a window."

Ha! Can't argue with that transparent logic! Grandpa failed the quiz.

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