Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Make new friends but keep the old . . .

. . . one is silver and the other gold." So goes an old Girl Scout song I sang as a child.

This weekend we went to visit one of our "golden" friends, Keith, who now lives near Lubbock, in west Texas. Dan and Keith have birthdays within a few days of each other, and, when Keith lived in Albuquerque, we always celebrated them together. Since those birthdays are coming right up, we couldn't resist popping down there and having a celebratory birthday dinner together, for old time's sake.

Keith, his son Reed, Dan and I went to a great little Mexican restaurant that Keith recommended. Afterward Keith and Reed came to our hotel room and we visited until after 10:00. It was so good to be with them for awhile again!

Here's a quick snapshot of Keith playing his first-ever game of Angry Birds, on Dan's brand new iPad (an anniversary-Father's Day-birthday gift).

I took my camera, but the truth is that eastern New Mexico and west Texas don't have a lot of varied or scenic landscape.

We saw a lot of farm homes:

Grain elevators:

Train tracks:

And billboards (some a tad bit political):

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