Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Mom!

Today is Mom's 85th birthday, and she's a YOUNG 85, for sure! I just talked with her on the phone, and she had a nice day. She went out to dinner with friends, Pat and Gloria, and then went to their home for cake and ice cream. Her friend, Ursula, was there as well. Ursula brought the cake, and Pat and Gloria supplied the ice cream. After that little celebration, Mom went home, cut the remaining cake up in pieces and delivered cake to all of her neighbors.

The blog I posted just before this is a little history of Clark's Bakery that Mom wrote. I think she did a nice job on it, and, so, want to share it here. Be sure to look for it below!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! May God bless you in the coming year.

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