Friday, November 6, 2009

Something Happened on the Way to Dinner (Tonight)

No one was hurt.

Police arrived immediately, even before Dan had finished talking with the 911 operator.

The 17-year old who pulled out of the parking lot, in front of us, couldn't have been nicer. He was polite, apologetic, truthful and INSURED (whew)!

Our car is drivable, although it looks as if it has been in a fight - and lost!


Anonymous said...

Oh no!! So glad that no one was hurt...and that he was insured. Someone hit me at the bank parking lot a couple of weeks ago and thankfully they stayed to confess and give info.

Tonight I left my purse hanging on the chair at the restaurant where we ate. Thankfully they found it and I am going back pretty soon to pick it up.

Rain, rain, rain, thunder and lightening here tonight!!


Betty said...

Ouch! That looks bad. I´m glad no one was hurt and yeah for insurance!!