Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First Time on Stage

In another post I'll tell you a little more about our trip to Houston to see Chris, Kelsey and Sweetpea. But despite what your mama taught you, I'm going to let you have dessert before the vegetables, metaphorically speaking. The highlight of our trip was attending Sweetpea's spring dance recital, and here are some pictures from it. Sweetpea performed twice, once in her class' tap dance and then, a little later, in their ballet. So now, without further delay . . . here she is!

I rode beside Sweetpea in the car, going to the dance recital. I snapped a picture of her cute, ruffly white socks, the tulle ribbon, tied around her ankle (hard to see in this picture, but it's dark gray and below her sock ruffle) and her shiny tap shoes. Little did I know that the ribbon would cause such a problem for her during the tap performance. You'll need to read Kelsey's blog about the recital to learn all about that.

Here's Kelsey, pinning the flower onto Sweetpea's costume, in the parking lot outside the school where the recital was to take place.

Butterflies in the stomach? I think Kelsey had more of them than Sweetpea did, as we walked into the building.

A collage of pictures of Sweetpea in different dance positions. And, below, three of my favorites.

And, finally, here's a little video clip of Sweetpea's class as they came on stage for their final bow. Sweetpea is the second one. Aren't they all so cute? By the way, their teacher, Ms Ryan, is something like 8-1/2 months pregnant, and still dancing around with them! BRAVO for these little girls; and BRAVO for Ms Ryan, as well.


Anonymous said...

Just adorable!! I'm so glad you and Dan were able to be there for her recital.....just the start of many activities to come for you to attend and enjoy. I
speak with experience! :-)


Patty said...

So precious! Congratulations to the budding dance star and her grandma!