Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Daring Bakers' May Challenge - Strudel

The May Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Linda of make life sweeter! and Courtney of Coco Cooks. They chose Apple Strudel from the recipe book Kaffeehaus: Exquisite Desserts from the Classic Cafés of Vienna, Budapest and Prague by Rick Rodgers. (Recipe HERE.)

In what was an otherwise busy month, we were both off work and at home for Memorial Day, so I got up early and prepared the strudel for our breakfast. Instead of the traditional apple filling, I filled my strudel with a strawberry/rhubarb/apricot mixture. It was delicious. I used fresh strawberries, frozen rhubarb, sine there wasn't any fresh at the market, and dried apricots. It was sweetened with light brown sugar.

The first step was making the dough, which was easy and fun. It was a very soft, very pliable dough. The recipe said to let it sit for 90 minutes, but I left mine overnight. Then I cajoled it into a tissue-paper thin sheet. One Daring Baker remembered her mother telling her that strudel dough was to be thin enough "to read love letters through."

Butter and breadcrumbs were supposed to be sprinkled across the face of the dough, but I thought crushed ginger snaps would add a more exciting flavor to the rhubarb filling.

After baking, I glazed it with a powdered sugar icing and served it, still warm. Dan had his with a strong cup of espresso, and gave it his hearty approval.

Still hot from the oven.


Ready to eat

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Anonymous said...

Extraordinary strudel! The color from the rhubarb and strawberry is gorgeous, and I have no doubt it tasted delicious!

Dragon said...

I love your filling! Great job on this month's challenge!

LittleRed said...

Now that looks beautiful. I love your filling choice! I thought about rhubarb, but mined not quite ready to pick yet. I'm happy someone did it.....I just bet it was delicious. Beautiful photos too!

Claire said...

I did the same thing with the glaze. Yours looks great!

Anonymous said...

My husband is no longer allowed to look at Linda's sight.

It looks too goo.

It makes the rest of us out here look sooo bad.

It looks absolutely delicious.

Wife of Ken

Linda said...

Wife of Ken,
You're too funny! Tell Ken that if you guys will come down and visit, I'll make some more strudel.

Anonymous said...

That sounds great...I will tell him :)

Wife of Ken

Audax said...

Strawberry/rhubarb/apricot yummmmmy and the idea of ginger snap crumbs is fab. I just love the colours you got on and in the strudel. Nice thin and flaky looking layers of pastry. Cheers from Audax

Barbara Bakes said...

Great flavor combination! Did you cook the filing before you used it?

Linda said...

Barbara, yes, I did cook the filling. I thickened it a bit with corn starch.

Audax, I'm flattered to have such nice words from you. I look to you as one of my baking-mentors.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful strudel!!