Thursday, February 5, 2009

Little Things

Even though Sweetpea flew home on Saturday, I'm still finding little things around here that remind me of her visit.

On Monday I saw, on my desk at work, the tablet that Sweetpea had drawn on when I took her to my office to "show her off." It was purple and green squiggles - quite artistic, I thought.

Yesterday I found several blocks, under our couch. I wonder how they got there?

When I found a spot in the closet to store the vaporizer her mama bought, while she was here, I couldn't help wondering if Sweetpea is still coughing and sniffling, or is all better.

When I finished up the last of the chocolate covered gummy bears (thank you, Gloria, they were delicious!) I thought about how Sweetpea had looked forward to eating one or two after each dose of the medicine she was taking (and a few other times, as well).

Today I accidentally bumped Rocky (my robotic dog) with my foot, and wondered if he'd be sitting idle until Sweetpea's next visit.

As I was recording our credit card receipts into my Quicken register, I came across the one from JC Penney for the two spring dresses I bought for her, and I smiled remembering how Kelsey and I enjoyed watching her twirl and turn and model them in front of the dressing room mirror.

And tonight I was looking through my many birthday cards, came to the one "from Sweetpea," and took out the sweet bookmark ribbon that was inside the card. I put it inside the book I'm currently reading.


Papa John said...

Isn't it special to us how each grandchild holds our heart and thoughts and provides precious "memory moments" even when they are absent. I deliberately keep mind-nudgers of each 'lil darlin' in conspicuous places around here. I think of it as polishing my "arrow collection". (Ps 127:3-5)

Anonymous said...

I love to find little "reminders" of the grandkids after
they have gone home....even fingerprints on the
sliding glass door or on the mirrors on the closet doors....(and the fingerprints stay there for a long
time!) Enjoy your "treasures"!..........Genie

Audax Artifex said...

Sorry to post here but I thought you would like to know that there is a baking book that is for made for bakers living in the high places of the world see the name of the book is "Pie in the sky" this is where I got some of the info that I posted on DBers forum before.

Linda said...

Ardax - many, many thanks! I'll look into it, since I've struggled so much with this since our move here.

Audax Artifex said...

Additional to the info on the DBer forum remember at such heights don't whip the egg whites so much they must be able to flow slowly from the mixer. Add the sugar half-way through not near the end because it will take too long to "melt" into whites. Very soft peaks is what you are looking for.