Sunday, February 22, 2009

Emily and Her Business Cards

Emily is eight years old. She's one of my favorite little girls. This evening, at church, she and I both happened to be in the ladies' restroom at the same time, washing our hands.

Me: "Hi, Emily. How are you today?"

Emily: "Fine."

[Continued hand-washing by both.]

Emily: "Would you like one of my business cards?"

Me: "Your business card!? Yes, I'd love to have one!"

Emily: "Okay. Well I already gave them away to my Mom, my Dad and my Grandmas, but Lani Kai is my business card maker, so I'll ask her to print some more, and I'll bring you one next Sunday."

Me: "That would be great! I'll bring you one of mine, and we can trade."

Emily: "Okay. Well, I don't think the telephone number on my card is quite right. I think Lani Kai just put a number on there that looked good, but . . . "

Me: "That's no problem. I'm really looking forward to having your card."

[By now we were both drying our hands. Emily flashed me a big smile.]

I can't wait until next Sunday.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait either.

Her mom may be SO glad that the phone number is wrong!

How cute though. Next year she will probably getting a business degree. Go girl!


Now back to that "strange thud on the roof" in last Sunday'sblog....did it ever occur to you that THAT is where super-hero, Trashman, is throwing your trash??

Linda said...

Gloria, LOL!

I really hadn't considered that possibility! I'll ask him when he shows up on Thursday!