Monday, December 8, 2008

The Birthday Party

Sweetpea turned three years old today, and had her birthday party tonight. Thanks to the thoughtfulness of Chris and Kelsey, and modern technology, we were able to "attend", even though we were almost 900 miles away. We video-conferenced, using our computers and the free version of Skype. What fun!

We got to watch Sweetpea blow out her candles, eat her birthday cake and open her presents. We even got to join in on the singing of Happy Birthday, and exchange a few kisses with the birthday girl. What a blessing technology can be.

I even took pictures, although they weren't the best, since I was taking them of a computer screen.

Kelsey made the cake - a PANDA cake, to go with the theme of the party. When Kelsey asked Sweetpea what piece of the cake she wanted, she chose the tongue. I heard Chris joking in the background: "Good choice. Panda tongue is a delicacy in China."

Opening presents!
A ballerina snow globe!
And here she is, saying "thank you" to Grandpa and me for her Minnie Mouse pillowcase dress.