Monday, December 8, 2008

2008 - It's Almost a Wrap

As I wrapped up some Christmas presents the other day, I thought back on the year, 2008, which is almost a "wrap" itself! Here are some of the highlights for Dan and me:

Kelsey and Sweetpea came to visit us in the spring. The visit was cut a little short when Chris suddenly and unexpectedly lost his job. He flew here to help Kelsey with the drive home.

In April my mom took a bad fall, resulting in nine weeks of hospital and therapy care. She's almost fully recovered now.

Also in April, Chris accepted a new job. This job came quickly and turned out to be better than the one he lost. Our prayers were answered fully.

Also in April, Kelsey, bless her heart, suffered a miscarriage. It was a heart-breaker, especially for her and Chris, but also for the entire family. The baby would have been due right about now, so please keep them in your prayers as they, naturally, live through the "what ifs."

Later in April, Ruby and Dave (Ruby is my long lost, and now found, pen pal) visited Albuquerque, and we had a great time having dinner together. And Bill and Jan (Bill is a fellow-photographer, from Portland, whom I met on-line) took time out of their busy vacation schedule to meet Dan and me for lunch, while in town.

The end of May and early June were brightened with a visit from our very special friend, Gloria, from Washington state. Gloria and I took some time to see some New Mexico sights together and to catch up on the happenings of the many years we've been apart.

For Dan's birthday, in July, I took him to the charming town of Chama, where we rode the narrow-gauge train, pulled by a coal-driven steam engine, up into the mountains of, both, New Mexico and Colorado.

Our church congregation selected four additional deacons this year and began an expansion of our building. The building addition is the third and final phase of construction, which was in the plans since the building was first built. It's going well, and we are all very excited to see the progress.

In August we lost Dan's dear Aunt Lauretta, and drove to Montana for the funeral service.

In September I went to my Mom's house to visit her and to take care of (play with) Sweetpea, while Kelsey went to stay with her sis-in-law, who was about have a baby (number three).

We finally got to see our nephew, Aaron, again, and meet his new bride, Snow, in October. Snow is from China, but they met in Saipan, where they were both working at the time. It took over a year for them to get the paperwork in place for Snow to come to America.

The U.S. presidential election dominated the news and many people's thoughts in November.

Thanksgiving was celebrated at our home in a big way, although we were small in number - Dan, Mom, Tim and me. It was nice having my Mom here for a two-week visit.

Tim was saddened, shortly after Thanksgiving, when his parakeet, Quint, died suddenly. Tim had invested a lot of time, energy and emotion into training this little guy, so I know he'll miss him.

And TODAY is Sweetpea's third birthday. Happy birthday to the joy of our lives! Grandpa and I love you and wish we could be there today.
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