Saturday, September 6, 2008

What's In Grandma's Suitcase?

On Monday, around noon, when I get off work, I'm heading to Carlsbad for a few days. That's where Mom lives, of course, and I'll be staying with her. On Tuesday, Sweetpea will come to see us, and Nanny (my mom) and I will be taking care of her until sometime Saturday, while Kelsey goes to stay with her sister-in-law, who is expecting a new baby any day. Kelsey will be taking care of her two nephews, giving their mom a little relief before the new one is born; and, if the timing works out right, she'll be there for the birth, as well.

So, today, I started packing my suitcase. Clothes? You think I'm packing clothes? Guess again.

In my suitcase are some new books and several kits I've assembled, with materials for some toddler-type crafts. We'll be making a frog puppet, an edible necklace, a rabbit mask, a floating sailboat and fish in a bowl. I'll also be taking "Grandma's Toy Box" with me, since Nanny doesn't have one any more.

Clothes? I guess I should toss in a few to get me by, but it's important that Grandmas have their priorities straight! Don't you agree?


Anonymous said...

Yes, you have your priorities straight! What a fun
time you and your mom will have! Can't wait to read
about your time carefully! Genie

TL LARA said...

You are such a fun grandma! Clara will really enjoy the crafts. Have fun!