Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day One with Sweetpea

Sweetpea and her Mama arrived at Nanny's house at about 10:30 this morning. We were ready and waiting for them. Kelsey stayed for most of an hour, telling us Sweetpea's current routines and preferences; explaining what was in all the bags she packed; and saying an extended "good-bye" to Sweetpea.

Once Kelsey left, Sweetpea dove into the toys and books and made herself at home, never shedding a tear.

At lunch we met Nanny's friends, Pat and Gloria, for lunch at the Pecos River Cafe. Sweetpea wanted pancakes and bacon, did a good job of eating, and was so well-behaved. It was 2:30 before we got back home - well past her nap time - so we read a book and she laid her head down and was asleep in just a minute or two.

Finally, around 5:00 I decided I'd better gently wake her up, so that she would be able to go to sleep at night.

I pulled out the "craft kits," and we made the edible necklace, using a red licorice whip with Froot Loops strung on it. She loved it, and wore it for a couple hours, until the licorice finally gave way and broke; then she ate it. Here are a couple pictures of the necklace-making.

(The boo-boo on her elbow is not new, but at lunch, Pat offered her a Band-Aid, and she was eager to wear it. Even after her bath tonight, she didn't want to give up the Band-Aid.)

Sweetpea and I took a little walk before dinner, and she brought along the (toy) binoculars from Grandma's toy box. She was birdwatching, here.

After a perfect day - not a tear, not a fuss - we sat down to eat something for dinner. Sweetpea took a bite of cheese and a bite of applesauce, and then . . . performed one of her (famous) sensitive-gag-reflex reactions, which I've read about in Kelsey's blog. Luckily, I was quick, grabbing first a little bowl and, secondly, a plate, which caught nearly all of it! As I was in the midst of this feat, my cell phone started ringing. I had to let it go - my hands were FULL. Immediately following, Nanny's cell phone rang. Both calls were from Kelsey, "just checking." I wish she had called five minutes earlier, so I could have told her "The whole day was PERFECT."

A bath, bedtime story, a couple of songs, and a good-night prayer ended the day. Once again, she was down without any fussing.

She's really a sweet-natured, well-behaved little girl. Nice work, Chris and Kelsey!


Anonymous said...

Oh, it is so much fun to "look" in your "window" at the fun week you are sharing in together!!

I LOVE that first pic and that bird watching pic....too too cute!!

What a fun and creative grandma Sweetpea has.

Keep having a great girl's week and I will look forward to checking things out again soon!

Love to all,

Nana in the north

Anonymous said...

Hope day two is going as well as day one did. You
are living a grandma's dream this week! Continue
having fun........Genie