Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Pain in the Back

Have you ever gotten up in the morning, showered and washed your hair, only to find that your blow-dryer has died on you? Or have you ever headed out the door to go to work, to discover that you have a dead battery in your car, or a flat tire? I HATE it when machinery turns on me!

But this weekend it wasn't machinery that revolted. My own body turned on me! I was happily baking cookies for a Christmas party on Saturday, when I turned to pick up something from the counter and a pain in my back stopped me in my tracks. I hobbled through Saturday and half of Sunday before giving in and staying home Sunday afternoon and evening, and all day Monday. I probably should have stayed home today, as well, but thought that some activity might actually help the situation.

I'll mend, and I really only mention it to explain why I didn't post any new blogs on Sunday or Monday. Although neither lying down nor standing are too problematic; both sitting and transitioning from sitting to standing are painful! That makes using the computer a little uncomfortable.

But here is some good news. I told you I'd let you know when Sherry was doing better. She's still weak and taking it easy, but she felt well enough yesterday to make a brief trip to the store - her first outing in over three weeks. Thanks for the prayers on her behalf.

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