Monday, April 3, 2017

The On, Off, and On-Again Trip to Oklahoma

Dan has had his trip to the Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, near Jennings, Oklahoma, planned for a long time.  It was another of his Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing (CVAR) events, at which he works on the tech crew. He had his hotel room reserved and his calendar clear . . . and then he got a jury summons in the mail that looked like it might keep him from going.

Upon appearing for his first day of jury duty, and being selected as a juror, he was given information indicating the trial would, in all likelihood, run long enough to conflict with his trip, so he canceled his hotel reservation and called the fellow he works with to let him know that he wouldn't be coming.

But, alas, the trial was a quick one! Once again Dan was free to go to the races. Luckily he was able to re-make the hotel reservations (even got them for a wee bit lower rate), and his trip was on again. He left Thursday morning and got home about 9:00 p.m. yesterday (Sunday).

The best part of the weekend, for Dan, was the pre-war race car event.  He was like a kid in a candy shop, getting to put his hands on and inspect the engines and bodies of these amazing vintage cars, two of them having actually raced in the Indianapolis 500, before WWII.

Knowing his aversion to taking pictures, I texted him and urged him to take some, and he did! He even took a couple of videos. (I'm proud of him.) Looking at these beauties made me wish I had been there to see them in person.

Looking at a car from this perspective means very little to me, but Dan was really excited about the "beauty" of this straight-eight engine. 

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